Terms and Conditions

  • This website is free and open for non-commercial usage, with a limit of 16 CPUs per simulation. Commercial users and those users needing full support and no limit in the number of CPUs, please contact Nostrum Biodiscovery (http://nostrumbiodiscovery.com).
  • You agree to acknowledge the use of the service in any reports or publications of results obtained with the service by citing the following references:
    1. PELE: Protein energy landscape exploration. A novel Monte Carlo based technique [J. Chem. Theo. Comput., 1(6):1304-1311 (2005)]
    2. PELE web server: atomistic study of biomolecular systems at your fingertips [Nucleic Acids Research, 41(W1):W322-W328 (2013)]
  • Your online privacy is respected. Therefore, your email address, if provided, and all other uploaded data will not beĀ  shared to any third party.
  • Any job related data will remain accessible for a period of time after the job's end. After that time, the data will be permanently deleted. The time is 10 days for jobs submitted as a guest user, and 30 days for jobs submitted as a registered user. This applies for all job's generated data -such as log files or trajectories- and also for any uploaded data -such as pdb or control files- .
  • The Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling group of BSC is not responsible for the validity contents of any linked website.
  • The Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling group of BSC does not accept any liability for actions or consequences applying PELE or from using the PELE Web Service.